Alexandrea "Alex" Borstein (born February 15, 1973 in Chicago, Illinois) and her family moved to Southern California during the early 1980s. She later moved to San Francisco, where she attended San Francisco State University. She took a job at an ad agency where she wrote print ads for Barbie.

She started improv classes with the ACME Comedy Theater where she met both her writing partner and her future husband. Alex and her writing partner began to work on the animated series Casper. Shortly after, she left her ad job to become a full time writer. In 1996, while still writing for Casper, Alex worked on the popular TV show Power Rangers Zeo, where she provided the voice of Queen Machina, the queen of the Machine Empire. In 1997 Alex became a cast member on the sketch comedy show Mad TV. She is best known for playing Miss Swan, which was based on a combination of singer Bjork and her real life grandmother who was Hungarian-Mongolian. In 1999, she became a main voice cast member on the popular TV show Family Guy. She voices Lois Pewterschmidt Griffin, Carol Pewterschmidt West, the Asian woman in the car and Brenda Quagmire on Family Guy.

Episodes Acted In:

Cbb.gif The Deep End

Cbb.gif Toy Meets Girl

Cbb.gif Nightmare Generator

Cbb.gif Suck It

Cbb.gif Losin' the Wobble

Cbb.gif They Took My Thumbs

Cbb.gif Unionizing Our Labor

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

Cbb.gif Eviscerated Post-Coital by a Six Foot Mantis

External Links:

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