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|watch = 8a25c39215463726011548547ebd007b |season = 3 |episode = More Blood, More Chocolate |length = 1:18 |cast = Skeet Ulrich (Union Worker), Seth Green (Spud, Scoop), Jamie Kaler (Bob the Builder), Tom Root (Roley) |characters =Bob the Builder, Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Roley, Union Workers, Pilchard the Cat, Spud the Scarecrow |summary = Bob the Builder can fix almost anything, just not union disputes. |animated_by= |themes = Violence, Death, Television, Animals, Bleeped, Blood Motor Vehicles Construction and Money |allusions =*This segment is a parody of TV's Bob the Builder. |trivia = *Lofty the crane is the only "main" machine who does not appear. Wendy doesn't show up, either.

  • The catchphrases from Bob the Builder are heard "Rock and Roll", "Can We Fix It?", "Yes We Can!", and "No Prob Bob".

Bob, Machines and Spud are the only Characters that did not die and destroyed.

They should have replaced with Bob the Builder figures. |goofs =*Scoop is a backhoe, so the scoop should be on the other end and there should be a loader in the front.

  • Pilchard is purplish (it was periwinkle on the original show).
  • Muck is a truck with a charger in front, so you need to have in back a weighting machine.
  • Bob had many tools on the belt.
  • Spud, in the original show has-like eyes of Bob.
  • In Bob the Builder series the Machines mouths move, But in Robot Chicken their mouths don't move. The Head Union Worker is the main antagonist of the sketch, while the other two Union Workers are the supporting antagonists of the sketch.

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