Castphoto Needed

Please follow these basic rules when uploading photos of Robot Chicken cast and characters:

  • Look for a "CAST PHOTO NEEDED" graphic (pictured right) on any cast or character page.
  • A cast photo's filename should match the name of the page on which it will reside.
  • If the name contains an apostrophe) subtract it from the filename and add the edited name to the {{Castphoto}} line. Example: {{Castphoto|Conan OBrien}}
  • All photos should be in JPEG format and up to 240x320 in resolution. A portrait orientation is perfered, with the height being 50% longer then the width.
  • All cast photo captions should cite the source of the photo, if possible.
  • Captions for cropped screenshots of characters should read: From the segment [[Segment Name]]. Also, italicize the segment name if the title is official. See the segment list for which titles are official.
  • Do not add character shots from season 1 that are captured from television. Please only submit season 1 shots from its DVD set.
  • Upload a cast photo. Your help is appreciated!

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