Count Chocula is a member of the line of monster-themed breakfast cereals produced by General Mills. The cereal contains chocolate-flavored corn cereal bits and marshmallows. Count Chocula is the cereal's mascot, whose name is a pun on the vampire Count Dracula. Instead of craving blood like Dracula, Chocula craves Count Chocula breakfast cereal.

In 1971, the first two cereals in the line, Count Chocula and Franken Berry were created by Laura Levine, a copywriter for the advertising agency Dancer Fitzgerald Sample. Boo Berry, a pun on blueberry, was released in 1973. Fruit Brute came in 1974 and was discontinued in 1983. General Mills tried replacing Fruit Brute with Fruity Yummy Mummy in 1988, but that too was a poor seller and was discontinued in 1993. Both discontinued cereals made a brief comeback in 2013.

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