Bloopers & Practical Jokes was a television series and a group of television specials aired in the United States by NBC and, later, ABC from the 1980s to the mid-2000s.

The series was predated by two separate series of specials, one devoted to television and film bloopers -- humorous errors made during the production of film and television programs, or on live news broadcasts -- and the other a series of specials featuring classic television commercials. The TV's Censored Bloopers specials were hosted by longtime TV producer Dick Clark starting in 1982 (and were dedicated to 1950s TV producer Kermit Schaefer, who had pioneered the concept of preserving bloopers) and the Television's Greatest Commercials specials, which also started in 1982, were hosted by Ed McMahon of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson (which he continued to co-host even as he moved on to co-host the weekly Bloopers series). Both sets of specials garnered high ratings, and following a combination special (TV's Greatest Censored Commercial Bloopers), in the fall of 1984 it was decided to combine the two programs into one series, hosted by Clark and McMahon.

Besides dividing the show between bloopers and classic TV advertisements of yesteryear, the show also featured at least two practical joke segments, featuring celebrities caught in Candid Camera-like situations (the later series Punk'd used this same idea).

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