Drew Massey is a puppeteer for The Jim Henson Company for the Muppets and has performed in many TV shows, movies, TV commercials. He also lends his voice for commercials and video games. His film credits include The Muppets' Wizard of Oz, The Producers (2005 film), Dr. Dolittle, Cats & Dogs, Team America, and Men In Black I and Men in Black II. Drew has also performed on TV in Greg the Bunny, Angel, Malcolm in the Middle, Muppets Tonight, Cousin Skeeter, Crank Yankers and in TV advertisements for Foster Farms (as the driver chicken), Sony (the blue guy) and Levi’s (as Flat Eric).

Episodes Acted In:

Cbb.gif Adoption's an Option

Cbb.gif Day at the Circus

Cbb.gif Monstourage

Cbb.gif Schindler's Bucket List

Cbb.gif Born Again Virgin Christmas Special

External Links:

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