Watch Finding Jason Bourne on [as] video
Season: 6

Episode: Robot Chicken's ATM Christmas Special

Length: 0:43

Cast: Seth MacFarlane (Santa Claus), Henry Winkler (Jason Bourne)

Characters: Jason Bourne, Santa Claus

Segment Summary: Jason Bourne's new Antagonist: Santa Claus

Themes: Death (kind of), Guns, Film, Silent (almost), Holidays

Allusions:The Bourne Identity

Trivia / Info:

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Even through this was a silent sketch, (Jason Bourne's attack noises and Santa Claus's noises are heard up until the end of this sketch), Santa Claus and Jason Bourne talk), (thus this sketch is the only silent sketch to have voices).

Transcription - Interpretations

Christmas with The Biebz - Previous Segment | Next Segment - LEGOs!

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