Season: 3

Episode: Tapping a Hero

Length: :53

Commentators: Douglas Goldstein, Tom Root, Kevin Shinick, Zeb Wells

Summary: Tom, Kevin, Doug and Zeb say hello and introduce themselves.

Kevin Schinick: I am Kevin Schinick, a writer on Robot Chicken, and this is-

Tom Root: Tom Root, I'm co-head writer, co-producer, sometime director, sometime voice actor and now we're going to share some insights on episode 45 that you've never heard before..

Kevin: And you'll wish you never did.

Tom: We're going to be pithy and delightful. That's our guarantee.

Kevin: Oh, pithy. I got confused for a while. Yeah, in that order.

Douglas Goldstein: Hey sports fans, I'm Douglas Goldstein, co-head writer and co-producer of Robot Chicken. Thanks for tuning in.

Zeb Wells: I'm Zeb Wells. I'm one of the co-writers on this episode.

Doug: Yes...

[Off-camera voice]: What else do you write? So we can buy your things.

Zeb: Oh, I also write for Marvel Comics, I've got Amazing Spiderman coming up in a couple months so check it out.

Doug: Hot comic book writer.

Zeb: Hot comic book writer.

Tapping a Hero Commentary

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