Gulliver's Travels was a TV miniseries that was broadcast on NBC in February 1996. It is based on the book of the same name by Jonathan Swift. The miniseries stars Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud, Omar Sharif, Shashi Kapoor, Kristin Scott Thomas and Tom Sturridge.

In this version, Dr. Gulliver has returned to his family from a long absence. The action shifts back and forth between flashbacks of his travels and the present where he is telling the story of his travel and has been committed to an insane asylum.

The miniseries is notable for being one of the very few adaptations to feature all four voyages, and is considered the closest adaptation to the book, despite taking several liberties.[citation needed]

This is produced by Jim Henson Productions and Hallmark Entertainment.

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