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Episode: Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II

Length: :20

Cast: Carrie Fisher (Krayt Dragon's Mom), Andy Richter (Krayt Dragon)

Characters: Krayt Dragon, Krayt Dragon's Mom, C-3PO

Segment Summary: Krayt Dragon comes to a world.

Themes: Death, Film


  • This segment refers to a scene in A New Hope in which C-3PO is seen walking in the middle of the desert with a Krayt Dragon skeleton in the background.

Trivia / Info:

  • This segment is currently missing from video.
  • The Krayt Dragon refers to the Star Wars planets Hoth, Mustafar, and Endor

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Krayt Dragons are actually land based, not aquatic

Transcription - Interpretations

AT-AT Drag Race - Previous Segment | Next Segment - Little Mean Pepper Shaker

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