<photo>Cast/Leah_Cevoli</photo> Leah Ann Cevoli, a Taurus, was born in Philadelphia, PA., the oldest of five children. She attended Sun Valley High School in Aston, PA. After obtaining degrees in Psychology and Education at Rosemont College and West Chester University, her love for entertaining, acting, music, and creative people brought her to Los Angeles.

Her first Hollywood success included the development of her own production company (BurstMusic), where she began producing, promoting, and hosting events at just about every club in Hollywood. The past few years has seen a shift in focus towards television and film acting, and most recently Animation Voice Over.

Through a chance connection on the (once) popular website Friendster, and a follow-up Starbucks meeting, Leah was graciously welcomed into the Robot Chicken Family with open arms.

Leah has recorded nine episodes throughout Seasons One thru Four, including the voice of the ever so lovable, "Sabrina the Teenage Bitch".

An Actress, Hostess, Poet, and Model, Leah is continually training, auditioning, and working on new projects, Leah Cevoli is definitely one to watch!

Leah Ann Cevoli Animation Voice Over01:50

Leah Ann Cevoli Animation Voice Over

Leah Cevoli on Robot Chicken Montage

Episodes Acted In:

Cbb.gif Badunkadunk

Cbb.gif Atta Toy

Cbb.gif Joint Point

Cbb.gif Nightmare Generator

Cbb.gif 1987

Cbb.gif Adoption's an Option

Cbb.gif Day at the Circus

Cbb.gif Endless Breadsticks

Cbb.gif Dear Consumer

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