Special Credits:
Cbb.gif Werewolf vs. Unicorn — SOMEBODY LOVE ME
Cbb.gif Squaw Bury Shortcake — QUEEN
Cbb.gif Rabbits on a Roller Coaster — ARM FALL OFF BOY
Cbb.gif Tapping a Hero — BI-CURIOUS
Cbb.gif Shoe — MATT PEAKE
Cbb.gif Endless Breadsticks — TWO PUMP JUMP
Cbb.gif Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy — WAITING FOR HIS NEXT JOHN
Cbb.gif More Blood, More Chocolate — OTHER SYNONYM
Cbb.gif Celebutard Mountain — AIRPLANE BLONDE
Cbb.gif Moesha Poppins — JAR JAR BINKS
Cbb.gif Ban on the Fun — JD
Cbb.gif Losin' the Wobble — HIGH
Cbb.gif Slaughterhouse on the Prairie — SHE-MAN
Cbb.gif Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special — A CLAY AIKEN CHRISTMAS
Cbb.gif Tubba-Bubba's Now Hubba-Hubba — 3 1/2 INCHES LONG
Cbb.gif Boo Cocky — OOKIE COOKIE
Cbb.gif Bionic Cow — TERRIBLE SMELL
Cbb.gif Monstourage — HAS CROTCH CRICKETS
Cbb.gif President Evil — RUSTY TROMBONIST
Cbb.gif Chirlaxx — PENIS WHISPERER

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