Watch Mikey Meets His End on [as] video

Watch Mikey Meets His End on [as] video

Watch Mikey Meets His End on [as] video
Season: 1

Episode: The Black Cherry, Toyz in the Hood, Major League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Length: 1:12

Cast: Dean Cain (Father), Macaulay Culkin (Kid with Overalls, Bullied Kid), Seth Green (Mikey, Kid with Suspenders), Mila Kunis (Girl), Chad Morgan (Mother)

Characters: Kids and Mikey in the Cornfield (including Bullied Kid), Girl in Train, Girl's Mother, Mike Fasolo, Guy with Baseball

Segment Summary: Fizzing candy has terrible repercussions for young Mikey.

Animated By: Sarah Meyer, Mike Wolfe

Themes: Bodily Functions, Death, Film, Food & Drink, Television


  • Reminiscent of the popular urban legend involving Little Mikey from the LIFE breakfast cereal commercials that said he supposedly died from mixing Pop Rocks and soda.
  • The child and mother on a train is a reference to the film Superman: The Movie.

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The Black Cherry
Anachronisms in Modern Day Society - Previous Segment | Next Segment - Step on a Crack

Toyz in the Hood
I Want My Sundae! - Previous Segment | Next Segment - Who Wants Ice Cream?

Major League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Humping Pinball - Previous Segment | Next Segment - Playboymobil