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Season: 3

Episode: Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special

Length: 3:16

Cast: Seth Green (555 95472, Snoopy), Zachary Gordon (Franklin, Linus, Charlie Brown), Katelin Peterson (Frieda, Sally)

Characters: Pigpen, Lucy, Linus, Frieda, Franklin, 555 95472, Snoopy, Sally, Charlie Brown, Woodstock

Segment Summary: Charlie Brown's sister, Sally, nurses a "sick" Linus back to health.

Themes: Animals, Comics, Death, Film, Holidays, Injuries, Lengthy, Mashups, Television, Violence


  • This segment is a mashup of the Peanuts comic and the film Misery.
  • Snoopy and Woodstock wear costumes that parody those of Batman and Robin on the 1960s live-action show.
  • Snoopy tosses Linus at a tree in a manner very similar to what happens to Charlie Brown at the beginning of A Charlie Brown Christmas. In the original broadcast, Linus is thrown into a sign for the sponsor of the broadcast, Coca-Cola.

Trivia / Info:

  • Snoopy is constantly referred to as Val Kilmer, the actor who played Batman in Batman Forever.
  • When Linus' leg gets whacked by Sally, he yells "Schulz!". This is a reference to Charles M. Schulz, creator of The Peanuts.

Goofs / Nitpicks:

  • Franklin didn't appear until 1968. This is based around A Charlie Brown Christmas, which was released in 1965.
  • When Linus unties himself, his legs weren't in bandages. It must be assumed that the scene was made before Sally breaks his legs.

Transcription - Interpretations

Office Christmas Parties - Previous Segment | Next Segment - Little Drummer Goku

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