Sketch: Movie Previews

Sketch No.: 9

Characters: Hot Dog, Hot Dog Bun, General, Officer with Death Notices, Midgets, Peter Scolari/Captain Harris, Demi Moore/Hester Prynne, Jet Li/Reverend Dimmesdale, Jesse Ventura/Roger Chillingworth, Judge, William Munny, Clyde, Jennifer, Scott, Teenagers

Cast: Alex Borstein (Demi Moore/Hester Prynne, Jennifer), Seth Green (Announcer #2, General, Judge, Jesse Ventura/Roger Chillingworth, William Munny, Teenager), Seth MacFarlane (Announcer #1, Officer with Death Notices, Cowboy, Announcer #3), Breckin Meyer (Peter Scolari/Captain Harris, Announcer #4)

Themes: Animals, Bug Eyes, Dancing, Death, Destruction, Film, Food & Drink, Literature, Mashups, Segmented, Violence


  • "Saving Private Smallberries" references to Saving Private Ryan.
  • The company that produced it, CreamWorks, is a parody of DreamWorks.
  • At the end of the trailer, the bottom says "A film by Stephen Iceberg", a reference to Steven Spielberg.
  • "The Scarlet Letter II: The Quickening" is a reference to The Scarlet Letter. It's also a play on the "unnecessary" sequel Highlander 2: The Quickening.
  • "Every Which Way But Unforgiven" references to Unforgiven and Every Which Way But Loose (both films star Clint Eastwood).
  • "Deathapult" references to teen-slasher flicks.
  • The announcer points out at the end that "Deathapult" has "music from Third Eye Blind".

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