Odie is a fictional character in the Jim Davis comic strip Garfield. He has also appeared in Garfield and Friends and two live-action feature films.

He is a kind but dumb yellow-furred, brown-eared beagle. In the live-action films based on the Garfield franchise, he is played by a dachshund. In the comic of August 26, 2007, Garfield describes Odie's species as "purebred clown" after trying to find out what kind of dog Odie is with the help of a book.

Odie usually slobbers in his appearances. Recently, as of 2000, he is seen walking on two feet instead of all fours, just like Garfield.

In the television series, Odie's appearance is usually announced by the sound of the cavalry's bugling.

Segments Appeared InEdit

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