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Or as we like to call it, "Seth Green's Family Guy."
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Welcome to a Robot Chicken knowledge base. Robot Chicken is proud to be the highest rated original program in Cartoon Network's [adult swim] lineup. Robot Chicken is a television show that is densely layered with specific references to familiar topics in the areas of TV, film, sports, religion, politics, chainsaws, and much more. The huge range of material that the creators have at their disposal makes it highly unlikely that the average viewer will recognize all of the allusions in any given episode. Fervent fans, however, want to understand everything that's going on in their favorite shows. The very nature of a wiki makes it perfect for this venture; countless brains will be required to fully comprehend everything that's happening in each episode. The aim of this website is to classify, categorize and catalog the plethora of pop culture references, celebrity guest stars and the many, many other details surrounding our favorite stop-motion animation variety show that can be obsessively recorded and compulsively scrutinized here on the Internet in this fabulous wiki format for all to contribute to.

Featured Videos:

Trailer for the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, which premieres Sunday September 9th!

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special - Trailer01:53

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special - Trailer

Trailer: What to Expect in Season 7

Robot Chicken What to Expect in Season 709:06

Robot Chicken What to Expect in Season 7

Robot Chicken News:
Cbb.gif Read up on Wikia's interview with the Robot Chicken cast and crew at SDCC 2015!
Cbb.gif Season 6 debuts on Adult Swim on September 16th!
Dbr.gif Season 5 is now available on DVD. Order now and watch all the way up to Episode 100 before it airs!
Dbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III was released on July 12! Order on DVD or Blu-Ray.
Cbb.gif Now available: Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III InteractiveVideo
Cbb.gif Watch the Robot Chicken Panel at Comic Con 2010!
Cbb.gif Robot Chicken has been renewed for two more seasons! Here's the reporting article.
Cbb.gif Joshua Jennings has been awarded an Emmy for his character animation work on Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II. Congratulations, Josh!
Dbb.gif Season 4 dropped on DVD December 15. Order now on amazon.
Cbb.gif Watch an video of the Robot Chicken panel at Comic-Con International '09.
Dbb.gif The special edition DVD of Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II is now available. Order now on

More news can be found at the archive.

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