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Philadelphia: Jamz Roller Skating - August 12, 2009


Cbr.gif The penultimate stop on the Robot Chicken on Wheels '09 Tour in Philadelphia took place at Jamz Roller Skating on August 12, 2009. The fans hung out and skated with Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Kevin Shinick and Clare Grant as well as members of the Carida Garrison local chapter of the 501st Legion, the world's definitive imperial costuming organization. Later that night, the crowd had their socks blown off by a performance by hip-hop band Gym Class Heroes. It was a night to be remembered! Cbr.gif

Photos Edit

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Tour Videos Edit

400px|Early Entry Line (Later)

400px|Skating With Seth

Early Entry Line (Later)
Skating With Seth

Video Source Description Featuring
Vader on Skates AdultSwim Seth meets up with a friendly Vader. Seth Green (voice), Vader on Skates
Rained Out in Philly AdultSwim Seth & Matt come outside to supervise general admission entry. Seth Green, Matthew Senreich
Philly Early Entry AdultSwim Seth and the gang come outside just before doors open to greet the crowd and introduce the show's special guests. Clare Grant, Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Kevin Shinick, Gym Class Heroes, TDK
Cobra Commander Sited AdultSwim Watch out for that guy! Seth Green, Cobra Commander on Skates
Philly Stormtroopers Dance It Up AdultSwim Philadelphia Some troopers are joined by a pint-sized break dancer. Dancing Stormtroopers
Early Entry Line RCWiki YouTube Members of the early entry line to arrive by 2pm watch Robot Chicken: Star Wars on the giant 9'x12' screen at Jamz Roller Skating in Philadelphia, PA on 8/12/09. Early Entry Line
Early Entry Line (Later) RCWiki YouTube Now much closer to doors, I shoot the early entry line once more as Vader's Fist begins to arrive. Early Entry Line, 501st Legion
Darth Vader Arrival RCWiki YouTube As doors draw near, Lord Vader arrives with minions in tow. 501st Legion
Greetings and Introductions RCWiki YouTube Seth and the gang come outside just before doors open to greet the crowd and introduce the show's special guests. Clare Grant, Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Kevin Shinick, Gym Class Heroes
Seth & Clare Skate RCWiki YouTube The party has just gotten started and Seth hits the floor with his main squeeze. You can also see Mario and Princess Peach enjoying the night! Clare Grant, Seth Green, Mario, Princess Peach
Dancing Stormtrooper RCWiki YouTube I manage to talk a trooper into a tiny bit of dancing. 501st Legion, TDK (voice)
Skating With Seth RCWiki YouTube Seth Green comes skating along and wants to take a photo of the two of us with my camera. The caveat is, I'm shooting a video so when he presses the button, it's all over. Wheeeeee! Clare Grant, Seth Green, TDK

Seth & Mike Shoot Each Other (Synced Official & RCWiki Early Entry Videos)

Band Videos Edit

Video Source Description Featuring
On Stage In Philly AdultSwim Seth shoots the band from on stage. Look for TDK shooting back at the end. Clare Grant, Seth Green, TDK, Gym Class Heroes
Philly Cookie Jar AdultSwim Philadelphia Seth shoots the band as they perform their song "Cookie Jar". Clare Grant, Seth Green, Gym Class Heroes

TDK Joined Seth & Clare On Stage In Philly

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