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Shaggy is a character from Scooby-Doo. He also appears in four Robot Chicken Segments, A Scooby Friday, Laff-A-Munich, Cultivated Relationships and Mystery Not Incorporated.

A Scooby Friday Edit

In this skit, the gang enters Camp Crystal Lake. Together with Scooby, he enters a cabin and to his and Scoobys suprise, they find a Scooby-Snack box they start to eat from. During this scene, Shaggy says "Man, I'm one sad dog food eating hippie". After finnishing eating, Shaggy opens a door and sees Jason. At first he closes the door after saying sorry, but then Jason brusts through the door. After running for a while, Shaggy and Scooby does their famous hide-in-barrels thing and when Jason hits a barrel, they are in another barrel. However, after a while, Shaggy is killed when Jason finally manages to stab the barrel and blood is seen gushing out from the barrel. Scooby later commets his death "Better Shaggy than me". It's impailed that Velma later discovered his body since she told Old Man Smithers (who was Jason) that all her friends is dead. In A Scooby Friday, Shaggy was voiced by Matthew Lillard who also portrayed Shaggy in the live action films and who (since 2010) is the voice of Shaggy.

Laff-A-Munich Edit

In this skit, parodying Laff-A-Lympics and the Munich Massacre from 1972, Shaggy is first seen awakening when Scooby accidentally shots several bullets in the roof when the safety isn't on in his gun. Shaggy is later seen inquesting Daisy Mayhem together with Captain Caveman. Shaggy fires something that hits Daisy in her body, but Captain Caveman accidentally presses wrong "club" and shots half of her body away, covering himself, Shaggy and the whole room in blood. It's not reaveled what happened to Shaggy after that, but he might have died in one of the explotions. He was once again voiced by Matthew Lillard.

Cultivated Relationships Edit

In this skit, Shaggy was seen for about 10 seconds together with Scooby-Jew, asking if Scooby-Jew would do it for a scooby snack. Here he was voiced by Seth Green.

Mystery Not Incorperated Edit

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