Norville Rogers, better known as Shaggy is a character from the Scooby-Doo franchise. In said franchise, he is a cowardly lanky dark blonde man outfitted in a green shirt, a maroon or brown pair of bellbottom pants and huge black shoes. On Robot Chicken,  he appears in five segments, A Scooby Friday, Laff-A-Munich, Cultivated RelationshipsMystery Not Incorporated and Abandoned Places.

A Scooby Friday Edit

In this skit, the gang investigates Camp Crystal Lake, the home of Jason Voorhees from the famous Friday the 13th horror franchise. Early on in the skit, Shaggy shows his standard cowardice by commenting that the gang should "make like hockey sticks and get the puck out of here." but unfortunately, the gang continues onward with the mystery. Together with Scooby, he enters one of the cabins as per Fred's orders and to his and Scooby's surprise, they find a brand new, unopened box of Scooby Snacks that they soon start to eat from. During this scene, Shaggy comments that he is one sad dog food eating hippie as a reference to his mannerisms on the show. After their snack, Shaggy opens the door that he and Scooby entered through and sees the machete wielding killer standing right in the doorway. At first he closes the door, completely unaware of the encounter until seconds later and it is here when Jason starts to hack through the door. After engaging in a short chase, Shaggy and Scooby start doing their usual wacky antics by ducking in barrels and whenever Jason was about to hack one with his machete, they dropped down and popped out of another Whack-A-Mole style. However, after a little while, Jason starts to stab through the barrels and it is here where Shaggy meets his untimely demise when Jason finally manages to stab through the correct barrel three times in a row with both blood gushing and groans of pain being seen and heard with every strike. Scooby later comments on his friend's death before proceeding to try and get away only to be killed by Jason soon afterward. Later on in the sketch, it's implied that Velma later discovered his body along with the others since she told Old Man Smithers (who was disguised as Jason) that all her friends were dead, which she wouldn't have known if she didn't discover the evidence. In this skit, Shaggy was voiced by Matthew Lillard who also portrayed the character in the live action films and ever since 2010, he has been the voice of Shaggy officially in multiple Scooby Doo productions.

Laff-A-Munich Edit

In this skit, parodying Laff-A-Lympics and the Munich Massacre from 1972, Shaggy is first seen waking up and later cowering in the corner when Scooby accidentally fires several bullets into the roof of the apartment before jokingly commenting that the safety wasn't on the gun. Shaggy is later seen inquiring Daisy Mayhem presumably about the massacre together with Captain Caveman. Shaggy later fires a small device of some kind that hits Daisy slightly above her breasts but just before any real progress could be made Captain Caveman accidentally presses the "wrong club" and blows half of her body away, covering himself, Shaggy and the whole room in blood. It's not revealed what happened to Shaggy after that, but it's entirely possible that he might've died in the following moments of carnage. He was once again voiced by Matthew Lillard.

Cultivated Relationships Edit

In this skit, Shaggy was seen for about 10 seconds together with Scooby Jew, a Jewish parody of his friend and pet Scooby Doo, asking if Scooby Jew would do it (possibly referring to investigation) for a Scooby Snack. Here he was voiced by Seth Green.

Mystery Not Incorporated Edit

In this skit, Shaggy is first heard cowering a few moments before Velma suffers her unfortunate injury and is later explaining that he, along with Scooby, had put an ad up on Craigslist ahead of time to look for a new team nerd and a few moments later, it's revealed that the one who accepted the call was Lisbeth Salander, the main protagonist of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. After this moment, Shaggy is certainly present but he doesn't do anything noteworthy until the case at the Fun Fair where he is seen commenting on how the room he was in smelled like sex (from Daphne and Lisbeth's lovemaking moments before) and that he was stuck with four-legged tang repellent. It is revealed here that Shaggy, at least in this skit, is a fan of the Soul Patch when he upsettingly questioned Scooby about how he insulted the group. A little later, the two are caught in metal devices sent down by the case's ghoul that proceed to squeeze on their necks. Thankfully, Lisbeth shows up in time and cracks the ghost over the head with a hammer while the rest of the gang releases Shaggy and Scooby and the two then engage in a short conversation with both the unmasked ghost and the real ghost of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo's author. Once again, he is voiced by Matthew Lillard.

Abandoned Places Edit

In this short skit, Shaggy sits with Scooby in the backseat of the Mystery Machine while their friends talk about their latest case and where to go next. This time, Shaggy as well as Scooby had no lines.

Gallery Edit

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