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Segments that reference films in the Star Wars series.

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars

  1. Inside the AT-AT
  2. The Emperor's Phone Call (from 1987)
  3. Jawa's Drink Order
  4. The Janitor on Naboo
  5. Admiral Ackbar Cereal
  6. Ponda Baba's Bad Day
  7. Droid Metal Detector
  8. Jedi Butter Fingers
  9. Vader's Stuck
  10. Death Star Orientation
  11. Luke is Alone
  12. George Lucas at the Convention
  13. Luke's Training
  14. Space Slug Chinese Delivery
  15. The Janitor on Coruscant
  16. Jedi Master George W. (from Massage Chair)
  17. Bespin Forecast
  18. Tautaun Camp Out
  19. Death Star Yo Momma
  20. The Janitor on the Death Star
  21. Slight Weapons Malfunction
  22. Jar Jar Returns
  23. The Power Converters
  24. Boba Fett Wins
  25. Chewbacca's Happy Days
  26. Luke Learns the Truth (Clip of Welcome to the Spoilers from Vegetable Funfest)
  27. Not Fully Operational Battle Station
  28. Lobot!
  29. Max Reebo Greatest Hits
  30. Mid-Nite With Zuckuss
  31. The Morning After With Luke & Leia
  32. Empire on Ice

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II

  1. Boba's Back!
  2. Palpatine's Haircut
  3. Genosian Separatist Hot Pod Summer Championship!
  4. Luke's Lack of Perspective
  5. Take Your Daughter to Work Day
  6. Dr. Ball, M.D.
  7. It's a No, Guys
  8. He Said Stun
  9. Mouse Droid
  10. Anakin's Happy Place
  11. AT-AT Drag Race
  12. Krayt Dragon's Destiny
  13. Little Mean Pepper Shaker
  14. Jar-Jar for Gecko Insurance
  15. Rally the Bounty Hunters
  16. Slave I
  17. Dinner With Vader (from Moesha Poppins)
  18. Bob Goldstein
  19. Last Chance, Chewie
  20. This Deal's Getting Worse All The Time
  21. Father and Son Dance-Off
  22. Crap City
  23. Try the Calamari
  24. Going Out Like a Punk
  25. Palpatine's Trip
  26. The Rebels Won

Cbb.gif Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III

  1. The Emperor's Back
  2. This is Pod Racing
  3. Yarael Poof, pt. 1
  4. Romantic Dinner
  5. Rave on Genosia
  6. Non-Sexual Matters
  7. Catch, Dad
  8. My Face is on Fire
  9. Yarael Poof, pt. 2
  10. Darth Matt
  11. Orders 1-65
  12. Self-Motivation
  13. Hold the Elevator
  14. Fire Insurance
  15. Yarael Poof, pt. 3
  16. Driving the Death Star
  17. Most Interesting Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy
  18. Si, 3PO
  19. Bad Motivator
  20. Storm Troopers at the Moisture Farm
  21. Sand Crawler
  22. They'll Be Back
  23. TIE Pilots
  24. Mr. Bob A. Feet
  25. They Came Back!
  26. Vader's in Trouble
  27. I'll See YOU in Hell
  28. Obi-Tauntaun
  29. THX-1138
  30. Chewie's Family
  31. Tested on Dagobah
  32. Lego Star Wars
  33. Fett Defeated
  34. One-Armed Wampa
  35. Fett's Back From the Dead
  36. Rescuing Luke
  37. Max Rebo's Got a Gig
  38. Prune Face!
  39. Bathtime with Ackbar
  40. Speeder Accident
  41. Inner Monologues
  42. Palpatine's Last Moments
  43. Happy Ending SW3
  44. Episode VII: Boba on the Hunt

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