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  • A Wiki For the Attention Deficit Disorder Generation.
  • It's Fumbles. It was always Fumbles.
  • Peace and Love, Baby. Peace and Love!
  • Ba-Bawk-Bawk-Bawk!
  • Come Get in on Some of This Rainbow!
  • Holy F%$@ing Ass Crackers!
  • Robot Chicken Hearts You For Paying Attention To Details!
  • Just when you thought you had enough....
  • The Chicken Lives!
  • It's Alive!!
  • It's aliiiiiiive!
  • Sketch comedy for the Attention Deficit Disorder generation.
  • This show is so clever.
  • You Can't Do That On Robot Chicken!
  • Roadkill fresh since 2005!
  • Let's see who ate the poisioned cookie!
  • What the [bleep]?
  • Stoop!d Monkey
  • Tacos rule!
  • ¡Me gusta el queso!
  • It burns when I pee!
  • Yo Quiero my nuts.
  • The show that just refuses to stay dead!
  • Hooray for murder!
  • The Wiki that has clips from all your favorites episodes when you don't feel like watching it on an actual television!
  • Have you waxed your morning wood today?
  • What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?!
  • Is everybody ready for more of those hilarious Bloopers?
  • Protect the enviroment, or I'll f@#ken kill you! CAPTAIN PLANET!!!!
  • Happy New Year From The Robot Chicken Wiki!
  • Happy Pluto Nash Day!
  • Season Five, It's Still Alive!
  • You can't be Top Dog if you act like a Pussy! And Vanity's gay.
  • It's a show. Watch it.
  • Happy Halloween. Try not to have one like Randy did.
  • F**k you, FCC!
  • Where washed up celebrites and shows go to die
  • Buh duh buh buh duh buh! Superman!
  • On Dancer, On Prancer, On Jabba and Blitzen!
  • Killing your childhood one sketch at a time
  • Groundhog Day, motherf**kers!!
  • Don't complain to us if you get a Pot of Crap.
  • Happy Easter! Whatever you do, do not eat the chocolate Easter eggs.
  • You gonna watch some clips or just sit there reading our tagline?
  • Or as we like to call it, "Seth Green's Family Guy."

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