Toy Story is a CGI animated media franchise created by Disney·Pixar, beginning with the original 1995 film, Toy Story. The franchise focuses on a group of toys that secretly come to life and end up unexpectedly embarking on an unplanned, yet life-changing adventure. The first two films of the franchise were directed by John Lasseter and the third by Lee Unkrich, co-director of the second film. In the first movie, Buzz and Woody didn't like each other, but they became friends and escape Sid and Scud. In the 2nd movie, Woody is captured by Al, but luckly they escape from Stinky Pete and back home. In the 3rd movie Woody's owner "Andy" is leaving for college and Woody and his friends are sold to Sunnyside Daycare with an evil Bear named Losto. But they escape from Losto and back home, but Woody writes a note for Andy to take them to Bonnie's house, where Bonnie becomes the toys' new owner. A fourth film, Toy Story 4 (coincidentally named the same as a popular Robot Chicken sketch) , is scheduled for release in 2019, and will revolve around Woody's love for his girlfriend, Bo Peep, who was revealed to have been sold at a yard sale or given away in Toy Story 3.

Toy Story (1995)

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Toy story 4 (2019)

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