[cut to two kids at a table eating oatmeal]

Boy: [disgustedly] Ugh. I guess we'll have to eat this boring oatmeal.

[Admiral Ackbar bursts into the room and throws the kids' bowls of oatmeal off the table]

Ackbar: It's a trap!

Kids: [in unison] Wow! Admiral Ackbar!

[Ackbar pulls out a box of Admiral Ackbar cereal as a ding is heard]

Kids: Wow! Admiral Ackbar cereal!

Boy: Colorful marshmallows!

Girl: Imitation crab meat! [toasts her spoon with the boy]

Ackbar: Your tongues can't repel flavor of that magnitude!

Girl: [shaking the cereal box] There's a prize in every box! [a large sea bass falls out of the box]

[cut to Ackbar dancing as the kids watch]

Narrator: Admiral Ackbar Cereal! Now with brine shrimp!

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