[The clening woman enters Bruce Wyne's office,  and sprays his desk with cleaning fluid and whipes it down, she sits in Bruce's chair]

Cleaning Woman:[Mocking tone] 'Oh,! I'm Bruce Wayne! Meh Lah lah lah meh Heh!

[ A button with the Bat symbol pops up,she presses it, ]

Cleaning Woman: Huh?

[ She sits back down in the chair, and falls down a trap door,  and starts screaming. The Bat suit, is put on her, and she is dropped in to the Batmobile]

Cleaning Woman: My knee!

[The Batmobile takes off,  we see Bruce sitting on the toilet, reading the newspaper, ouside the window the Batmobile crashes into a tree and explodes, Bruce dosen't even notice.]

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