Sir Wimperton Cornswallow: Today marks the 13th anniversary of the death of a true British hero. On this date in 1992, the great comedic voice of Benny Hill was silenced forever. We now take you back to that somber day.

Cut to the grave yard. The pallbearers are taking the coffin out of the hearse. They drop it, pick it up and then carry it away but go in the wrong direction, so they go the other way.

At the grave, they spin around and continue off with the coffin, followed by the mourners.

A chase commences through the graveyard. One man trips, hits his head on a tombstone, gets up and runs off in the wrong direction.

The chase continues past a woman praying at another grave. As the pallbearers (still carrying the coffin) run past her, they strip off her dress revealing her skimpy underwear. They also cause several flowers to fly around. The woman covers herself, but as the mourners run past her, she joins in the chase.

The pallbearers run past the open grave, followed bu the mourners (now bunched up close together). After the mourners run past the grave, the pallbearers pop up in the grave, look to see that the coast is clear, then reach down into the grave and hoist up the coffin and set it on the ground beside the grave. The pallbearers then get out of the grave, pick up the coffin and run back in the direction they came.

The pallbearers come to the top of a large hill, so they set the coffin down onto the ground, then all sit down on it and they slide down the hill. The mourners get to the top of the hill just after they have gone.

As the pallbearers are sliding down the hill, they look back and see the mourners are following them by skiing, and riding in a sleigh.

The pallbearers look forward and they see that they are headed toward a cliff.

On the middle of a cliff, on a ledge, obvious faceless "dummys" are going over the edge of the cliff and landing in a pile at the bottom of the cliff.

After the last dummy lands, the "dummys" are changed into the pallbearers sitting with their backs together. The coffin drops, unopened, and just misses them. Then Benny Hill's corpse, dressed as a band leader, falls onto them, crushing them.

Cut to static.

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