Hal Sparks: You heard it here, folks! The biggest catchphrase of the new millennium will be "Captain Planet!" My friends say it all the time, and we kick each other in the nuts. Ohh! That's awesome!
Michael Ian Black: The opening credit sequence basically tells you; you are the chicken forced to watch this shit.
Shake: Am I getting paid for this?
Hal: If I had a toy of myself, I'd have to make out with it.
Shake: Yeah, oh, Twinkie the Kid. Yeah, that's topical.
Hal: [pulls out a dummy of himself and makes out with it] Mmm-mmm...
Shake: Hey, here's another great thing-- We're gonna do movie parodies!
Michael: Does the world need another Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller movie? The answer is an emphatic yes.
Shake: Chutes and Ladders. What, are you kidding me? A travesty. This is comedy to these people!
Michael: Yes, yes, yes, and more yes.
Hal: Mmm-mmm...
Michael: Used to be when your career's on the down slope, you go to infomercials. Now, you go to Robot Chicken.
Hal: Mmm-mmm...
Shake: The Best Robot Chicken Ever couldn't be a more opposite statement. That show stinks.
Hal: It's not gay, it's masturbation.
Shake: People watch this on television; they chose this!

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