[Presidential Report Blooper starts]
Reporter 1: This just in: CNN calls the state of Florida for Al Gore! That means Gore has won the Presidential Election. Thank you, Jesus!
Reporter 2: Sure dodged that bullet.
[Blooper ends]
Bloopers Host: Oops.
[CSI Bloopers start with an operator getting surprised, not realizing that he cut himself]
Operator: [laughing] Oh, you guys! That was-- That was really fun-- [realizing] Oh, Jesus, I- I (fucking) cut myself! It's really bad, it's deep! (Fuck)! Ow!
[another Blooper starts, this time with an already-covered victim and investigators on the scene]
Investigator: This bullet casing shouldn't be here if the shooting took place 10 meters west.
[the victim farts, and the investigators laugh]
Victim: Sorry, that was me. Sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry. [another fart] Sorry about that.

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