E! Entertainment Presenter: Hollywood's turned everything from old TV shows to video games to theme park rides into movies. Now they're takling board games garenting audiences will be UNbored this summer!

[Hungry Hungry Hippos]

Announcer: In a town torn apart by crime. The heroes fight back!
Waiter: You boys sure are hungry.
Hippo 1: Hungry... For justice!
Drunk Man: A hippo playing pool, I'd like to see that.
Hippo 2: [breaks his pool cue over the drunk's head] Fine, I'll break.
Announcer: It's a race... It's a chase... So feed your face! HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS!
Hillbilly: Always knew them hippos were trouble.

[Chutes and Ladders]

Announcer: Officer John Chutes was born to be a cop. Officer Mikey Ladders was born to be wild.
Ladders: You weren't just robbing one man you know you gotta think of the socio economic realities. Oh I'm sorry, am I punching you too hard?
Announcer: But this summer, Officer Chutes and Officer Ladders are born to be...
Chutes and Ladders: Partners??
Ladders: Let's just do what we do best.
Both: Yeah!
Chutes: You kids need to give me some respect. Ow, my dodgeballs! Grandma's Ashes!
Announcer: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson.
Ladders: OK, OK, I'm enthusiastic. This is good, this is nice spaghetti.
Announcer: Chutes and Ladders. Also catch Ben Stiller in the following movies this summer.

[Slip N' Slide: the Movie]

Clooney: All we need to do is get past security, disable the alarms, break into the vault and carry $400 billion untracible bills out of the casino.
Cheadle: I think I got a way.
Clooney: Whoo-hoo! That's what I call a royal flush! Jackpot, daddy-o!
Announcer: Slip N' Slide: the Movie. This summer, action is all wet, and plastic, and you can slide on it!

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