[the scene opens with Bob the Builder and his talking construction machines in a barely finished construction yard]

Bob: "Why, someone left this job half done! Can we fix it?"

Bob, Scoop, Roley, Dizzy and Muck: "Yes we can!"

[the camera then cuts to the side to show a Union boss and two other Union workers.

Union Boss: "Ain't nobody finishing nothing!"

Bob: "I'm sorry, who are you?"

Union Boss: "We're from the Union, and we say you don't have the right equipment for this job!"

Bob: "We have all the equipment we need."

Union Boss "Really? You got a talking briefcase full of hundred dollar bills over there?"

Bob: "No, But..."

[Bob is approched by the other two Union workers, who start to shove and punch him, with the finishing blow being a large kick in the balls from the boss] 

Bob: "Ok thats eh... whoa! WHOA! HEY!"

Spud: "Ha ha ha, can I play too?"

Union Boss: "Sure, asshole!"

(The Union Boss breaks Spud's carrot nose off and punches him in the face)

Spud: "Ow!"

Union Boss: "Hope you like smelling what you eat!"

[He attempts to stick Spud's carrot nose into his rear, but Pilchard attacks him. Bob grabs a power drill and drills through the eye of one Union worker. Spud then brutally beats the wounded one to death in blood with a nearby shovel. Spud then physically mutilates the other's face to point of near death]

Bob: "Spud! Spud! Don't forget to wear your safety goggles."

Spud: "Aw, thanks Bob."

[Spud continues to brutally whack the mutilated Union worker until he is truly dead]

[The Union Boss flees the scene, but Roley the steamroller follows in hot pursuit.]

Roley: "Woo hoo, rock and roll!"

[The Union Boss tries to escape but isn't fast enough to outrun Roley, who proceeds to flatten him.]

Union Boss: "Oh! Yah! Ugg! Agh! Ow! Oh! OWWWW!"

[The Union Boss is flattened into nothing more than a bloody stain]

Bob: "Now dig these motherfuckers a grave, Scoop!"

Scoop: "No prob, Bob!"

(Scoop digs a hope, Muck shoves the bodies of the Union workers into the hole, and Dizzy fills the hole with concrete)

Whole Group: "Yeah, woo hoo, yeah alright!"

(Spud sticks his carrot nose back on and sniffs)

Spud: "Ew, New Jersey smells like bad tuna! Can we go home?"

Bob, Scoop, Roley, Dizzy and Muck: "Yes we can! Yay!"