{Not long ago in a galaxy not far enough away...}

{The Death Star II was destroyed and ewoks are celebrating on Endor}

{Boba Fett comes out from behind an AT-ST and starts killing the ewoks while the Star Wars theme song plays}

Boba: Back from the dead assholes!!!

{An ewok blows up while Boba blasts more}

Boba: Ha ha ha {Boba pulls out a red lightsaber} Oh ho ho, Boba's got himself a lightsaber now. {He pulls out a blue one too} Oh ho ho ho, make it two. Ooh red and blue! When they're put together what's it make? Purple rain!!! {He slashes two ewoks while one tries to escape} Oh ho ho, no he's gettin' away. What's this button here? This long-range missle couldn't possibly be it could it? {He presses the button and the missle kills the escaping ewok} Oh ho ho quarterback is toast.

{Leia in camaflouge clothes comes out}

Leia: Oh, Boba!

Boba: Hey hey, he got the girl! What's with all the clothing? Why don't you-? {Leia strips to her slave girl outfit} There's more comfortable. {Leia starts licking his armor sensually} Right on! {Leia licks his antenna} Oh, ooh careful with the antenna baby. {They drop to the ground}

{The nerd in a Boba Fett costume and two friends in emperor and stormtrooper costumes are playing a Star Wars RPG}

The Nerd: And that would be the most awesomest thing to ever happen in the history of ever!!!

Stormtrooper Nerd: Can somebody hand me a sock?

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