Lawyer: Your honor, the defendant was arrested without a license in a car containing three concealed weapons and over an ounce of marijuana.

Judge: Well, council, if your client insists on pleading the fifth, I'll have no choice but to throw the book at him. How do you want to proceed?

(The scene shifts to where PaRappa and Chop Chop Master Onion (CCMO) are standing. Then CCMO takes out a boom box, and then the jury argues because of that.)

Judge: Order!

(The scene starts appearing in the style of the the rapping scenes from the PaRappa the Rapper video game.)

CCMO (rapping): Kick! Punch! We don't have much time. If you don't squeal, you're gonna serve a dime. I'm fine either way, 'cause I still get paid. But listen to your teacher, this should be your next play. Now snitch!

PaRappa (rapping): Snitch?

CCMO (rapping): Rat! Rat!

PaRappa (rapping): Rat? Rat?

CCMO (rapping): Snitch! Snitch! Rat!

PaRappa (rapping): Snitch? Snitch? Rat?

CCMO (rapping): Rat! Rat! Snitch!

PaRappa (rapping): Rat? Rat? Snitch?

CCMO (rapping): Don't be a hero when you could serve zero. Or do you want to shower with some butch bull queero?

(PaRappa looks shocked.)

PaRappa (rapping): I may be a rapper, but I can't take this rap. I wasn't driving the car, I was chillin' in the back. It was King Kong Mushi with the drugs behind the wheel. If it keeps my culo safe you bet your ass I'm gonna squeal.

Lawyer: This is absurd. He wants to throw us off his scent.

CCMO (rapping): Your honor, I've prepared a plea agreement.

PaRappa (rapping): It can't be a crime just to kick a dope rhyme!

Judge (rapping): Good point, talking dog. I'll set you free with served time.

PaRappa: Yeah! You gotta believe!

(Outside of the court, MC King Kong Mushi shows up out of nowhere, holding two guns, both aiming them at PaRappa.)

King Kong Mushi: You f**ked up now, PaRappa!

(King Kong Mushi proceeds to shoot PaRappa to death. A black-and-white photo of the scene shows up, as a cover for PaRappa's posthumous album.)

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