[Cut to Casper and friends in a neighborhood]

Casper: Are you ready for another incredible adventure?

Casper's Friends: YEAH!!!

Casper's Mom: Casper!

[Cut to Casper's Mom, then cut back to Casper]

Casper: Oh, no. It's my mom.

[Casper's Mom walks over to Casper]

Casper's Mom: Oh my god! Casper, you've come back to me!

Casper: No, Mom. I came back to have fun adventures with my new friends, duh.

Casper's Mom: New friends? Casper, I've been crying every day for the last two years! [Casper's mom kneels on the ground] Why'd you have to play by the pool, Casper? [Casper's Mom bursts into tears] WHY?!

Casper: [Whispers to his friends] Come on, guys. Let's ditch this wet blanket and play.

[Cue static]

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