[Open to the front of the palace in Celesteville]

[Fade in to the interior of the building, where King Babar is talking to Flora]

Babar: Hello, my dear.

Flora: Hello, father.

Babar: And what does the day have in store for you?

Flora: Well, I wanted to play hopscotch, but Marie wants to play skipping...

Babar: Didn't you play hopscotch yesterday?

Flora: Yes, and it was so much fun.

Babar: Well, if you ask me, skipping can be just as much...

[But before Babar can go on, Zephir comes running in]

Zephir: Babar! The revolution...has begun!

[A bunch of revolutionists burst in, trampling Zephir]

Babar: Oh! You heathens!

[A revolutionist knocks down a portrait, screaming]

Babar: Follow me! Run, run!

[A revolutionist points a gun at Flora, but Babar knocks him away]

Babar: Oh, unhand her!

[The commotion continues]

Revolutionist: Vive la revolution - uhkk!

[Cornelius impales the revolutionist on one of his tusks]

[Zephir is seen beating up a revolutionist upon his shoulders]

Babar: I'll save us!

[Babar whacks some revolutionists with his trunk]

[A revolutionist finally shoots Babar with tranquilizer darts, and is crushed when Babar falls on top of him]

[Zephir is still fighting with one of the revolutionists]

[Cut to the next scene: Babar has been captured and is under a guillotine]

Executioner: Any last words?

[Babar trumpets in defiance and has his head severed]

[Babar's trunk flops before he dies, while the revolutionists are cheering in the background]

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