Graph Guy: Our cereal sales are way down! What do we do?!

Internet Executive: I've got four words for you: Sugar, Internet, Viral, Video, and some punctuation: EXCLAMATION POINT!

{Music Begins: Download the Free MP3 (Some rights reserved under creative commons license)

Cocoa Vampire: Oooh... Chocolate Grain (Subscribe!), Bits of corn, Marshmallow, other stuff (**Breathing away from mic. Yes, vampires do breathe). Chocolate grain, 5 times more sugar than Choco Puffs. Chocolate grain, tell your parents it's what they should buy (Buy the SHIRT!). Chocolate grain, so much sugar you'll get crazy high. Chocotate grain, if you have diabetes, stay away. Chocolate grain, it's something that our lawyers made us say. Chocolate grain, the 'mount of sugar will drive you insane. Chocolate grain, 100 percent sugar, zero grain!!!

Graph Guy: Sales for Cocoa Vampire are through the roof! What else ya got?

Internet Executive: Well, for Fruit Monster, how about a video called "Two Berries, One Cup"? I've put together a rough demo. Roll it!

Girl: Oh... (Giggling)

(All of the executives except for the Internet Executive vomit.)

{Channel Flip}

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