Pharoah: Here we will build the great pyramid, an everlasting testament to my extreme awesomeness.

Slaves and servant: Yes, pharaoh.

Servant: But sir, what will we use for raw materials?

[Pharaoh points to a box saying lego egyptian pyramid]

Pharaoh: Uh...Duh!

[Scene cuts to two slaves fanning the Pharaoh]

Servant: Your majesty, we've ran out of brown bricks!

Pharaoh: It's all good in the 'hood, baby...just use yellow bricks.

Servant: Uh...running low on yellow, but there's lots of blue.

Pharaoh: No stress.

[Scene cuts to the pharaoh reading a newspaper]

Servant: Your majesty, we kinda skipped step eighteen and now it's too late to go back.

Pharaoh: Oh, come on!

Servant: Everything's sorta leaning to the right...hope that's cool.

Pharaoh: Oy.

[Scene cuts to the pharaoh about to eat a sandwich]

Pharaoh: Yes?

Servant: Um, some of the slaves got into the space legos, and added some satelite dishes and a big grappling arm to the left side of the pyramid.

Pharaoh: Ah, whip them! Whip the piss right out of them!

Servant: Uh...yes sir.

Pharaoh: Although that does sound kinda kick ass.

[Scene cuts to outside the tent, the pharaoh is heard snoring]

Servant: Your majesty, we are officially out of Legos. Lots of DUPLO blocks, though.

Pharaoh: DUPLO?! I'll DUPLO you in the nutbag! Get out!!!!

[Scene cuts to the pharaoh with a blindfold on]

Servant: Ready for the big unveiling?

Pharaoh: (excitedly) Oh, show me, show me, show me!!!

[The servant takes off the pharaoh's blindfold]

Slaves and servant: TA-DA!!!!!!

[Pharaoh looks down into a hole]

Pharaoh: What's this?

[The servant and a slave push the pharaoh into the hole, the other two slaves bury him in]

Slave: Your grave, mother****er!!

Slaves and servant: Yaaaaay!!!

Servant: Take that Tutan...Hyman! I here by declare the funky space pyramid of the people open for business!

Slaves: HOORAAAAY!!!!!!!

[Scene shows a pyramid with a grappling arm and satelite dishes]

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