• I'm E what up And I'm MC squared,
  • We came to rhyme and we came prepared
  • Yo I like this beat that you're given me,
  • Now tell me the theory of relativity
  • E stands for energy, sucker fool It’s not measured in watts bitch, it’s measured in joules
  • Listen up class, the M is for mass And if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass
  • The C stands for the speed of light in a vacuum so back up hoes and give me some room
  • An invariant mass requires rest energy without a hitch
  • We made Newton’s second law that appears in a nonrelativistic classical mechanics sitch, biotch
  • Einstein, motherfucker
  • Yo, we also got one about algebra. Yeah, a squared times b squared equals DEEZ NUTS, bitch!

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