(Cut to three children at a game board)

ANNOUNCER: Everyone's playing the brand new game that's fur-ociously fun.


BOY: I'm having fun!

(A dog piece lands on "WEE-WEE ON CARPET")

BOY 1: Uh-oh. Euthanasia.

CHILDREN: Euthanasia!


THEME SONG: Euthanasia makes you kill your pets.

ANNOUNCER: The circle of life has never been this exciting.

(A cat piece lands on "VISIT FROM MR. STORK". Kittens appear around her.)

BOY 2: What am I gonna do with all these kittens?

(Cut to a cat. It lies down, sad-looking on the couch. Then, cut back to the game board.)

CHILDREN: Euthanasia!

THEME SONG: Laugh and learn because it's life or death.

(A dog piece lands on "MAULING")

GIRL: My pit bull bit the face off a toddler.

BOY 1: Time to put him down!

GIRL: I can retrain him.

BOYS: No. Euthanasia!

(Cut to static)

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