Narrator: If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk. If you give a mouse some milk, he'll want some more. If you give a mouse more milk... he'll develop a taste for blood If he develops a taste for blood, he'll become a vampire. If he becomes a vampire, he'll have to make some followers. Now, if he makes some followers, they will need to feed. If they feed too much, the National Guard will be called out. If the National Guard is called out, they too will become fodder for the vampires. If the National Guard fails, the President will call in a nuclear strike. If a nuke is dropped, hundreds of thousands of people will die! America will become a nuclear wasteland and collapse! With no one to keep the rest of world's nukes in check, every crackpot nation will launch their own! Eventually, the entire Earth will be destroyed! ...And that's why I had to kill daddy. He was giving a mouse a cookie. (giggles) Sleep well, sweetie.

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