[Thunderstorm is Heard]

Heimlich's Father: "Ah, Rob Schneider, if he wasn't so handsome, I would stop seeing his movies, don't you agree, little Heimlich?"

Heimlich: "Ya, Father."

Heimlich: [Gasps in Alarm] "Look out, my father!"

Heimlich's Father: [Choking Sounds]

Heimlich: "Father!"

Heimlich: "Father"


Ducard: "And punch and kick, and punch and kick, and punch and kick, and jazz hands, and punch and.....good, good, young Heimlich, you're learning very fast, are you ready to face your deepest fear?"

Heimlich: "Ya........."

Victim # 1: [Choking Sounds]

Heimlich: "He's choking........"

Ducard: "He's a goner, Heimlich......."

Heimlich: "Nein, he's practice........"

Heimlich: "Hiyah!"

Ducard: "Heimlich, that maneuver is the key to your greatness, you are ready."

[Screaming Sounds]

Choker: [Evil Laughter]

Heimlich: "The Choker. His portions are always too big."

City Street Citizen: "Heimlich, do the maneuver!"

Police Officer: "Heimlich, how can we ever thank you?"

Heimlich: "Need bratwurst and beer."

Joel Schumacher: "And that is how I, Joel Schumacher see it."

Young Man in Office Chair: "It's always sausage with you, isn't it?"

[End With Static Sounds]

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