[Cobra Commander drives up to the drive-thru]

Male Voice: Care to try our bonus meal?

Cobra: No! Why asssssssk that assssss if you could influenccccccce my decccccccision right before I order?

Male Voice: What would you like, sir?

Cobra: Yes, I'll have a ssssssssmall sssssssssssprite and--

Male Voice: Could you repeat that? I'm getting a bit of a hissing noise.

Cobra: I sssssssssaid I'll have a ssssssssssssmall ssssssssssprite and--

Male Voice: Could you speak more clearly, sir?

Cobra: [groans frustratedly]

Destro: Tell him I want seven supersized special sandwiches.

Baroness: With sweet and sour sauce.

Cobra: You're all doing this on purposssssse!

Major Bludd: I'll have a hamburger.

Cobra: Thank you, SSSSSSSebastian.

Major Bludd: [Baroness whispers to him] Oh, with a strawberry shake.

Cobra: Ahhh!!

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