[In a Fast Food joint, Wimpy is at the counter.]

Wimpy: I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

[This prompts everyone in the place to start laughing]

Cashier: Oh Wimpy, your fiscal score alone won't let me do that.

Wimpy: Ohh, hamburgers.

[Suddenly Popeye the Sailor Man appears with money.]

Popeye: Here ya go.

Wimpy: (happily surprised) Thank you!

[Caption: TUESDAY - Wimpy, in his living room, is licking clean a hamburger wrapper]

Wimpy: Ahh, sweet hamburgers.

[There is a knock at the door. Wimpy answers to find Popeye waiting for him.]

Popeye: It's Tuesday Wimpy, where's me money?

Wimpy: Oh dear, Popeye... erm... I don't have it. But I'd gladly pay you Tues-

[Popeye doesn't want to hear it, and slams Wimpy against the wall]

Popeye: Ya forced me to do this! (he takes out a tin of spinach)

Wimpy: Aah! No, no, not the spinach!! OOOOOOHHHHHH!

[Popeye eats the spinach, and proceeds to beat the living shit out of Wimpy]

Wimpy: (begging) Stop, please! I'll suck your dick.

Popeye: Well, blow me down! (he smiles and toots his pipe)

[In the Fast Food joint, a battered Wimpy walks to the counter.]

Wimpy: I'd gladly pay you Tues...

[Suddenly, everyone offers to buy Wimpy some hamburgers.]

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