[The Foo Fighters are rehearsing.]

Foo Fighters: (singing) And I love you cha cha cha!

[The door bursts open to reveal Mr. T!]

Dave Grohl: Hey, Mr. T! I-I'm Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters! I am so honored that you wanted to come check out one of our band rehearsals!

Mr. T: Quit your jibba-jabba! It's time to fight some fools!

Taylor Hawkins: What are you talking about?

Mr. T: What's your name? The Foo Fighters, right? Then why aren't you fighting fools? What's all this mumbo-jumbo about music?

Taylor: Uh...

Mr. T: C'mon, let's go fight some fools!

[The Foo Fighters exit the hall carrying their instruments. Scene change to the group arriving in the park, and run into an old man sitting down at a bench.]

Old Man: Hey, are-aren't you Mr. T?

Mr. T: Shut up fool! (to the Foo Fighters) Fight this fool! (the Foo Fighters hit the old man with their instruments) Get that sucker! Yeah, yeah!

[Scene change to the group enter a library and approach a kid reading a book; the kid looks at Mr. T.]

Mr. T: Shut up fool! (the Foo Fighters attack the kid) Punch him in the microfiche. Overdue charges! Give me a penny!

[Scene change to Mr. T and the Foo Fighters in a city street.]

Mr. T: C'mon, I think there's some more fools this way!

Dave: Mr. T, I think we have to stop fighting fools together. You think everyone is a fool!

Mr. T: That ain't true, fool!

Dave: See?

Mr. T: Oh my God, you're right! Now I see, it is I that had been the biggest fool of all! You must fight me, but it won't be easy! I put up a - (gets cut off when Dave hits him with his guitar)

Dave: Shut up fool! (the Foo Fighters leave; a kid and his mother walk by and notice Mr. T)

Kid: I pity that fool!

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