Susie: Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus!

(Husband crashes through the front door)

Husband: I Knew it! That F**king Whore!

(he storms out the door and slams it shut. Husband arrives at the North Pole at a igloo and enters by kicking the ice door open revealing a trio of eskimo brothers inside)

Husband: Where is he?! Where's that Motherf**ker Santa Claus?!?!

Eskimo #1: What the Hell man? He's not real!

Eskimo #2: Do you know how long it takes to Carve an Ice Door?

(Husband grunts and pulls out a knife, and punches Eskimo #1 in the face five times, the final time knocking him into a tree and knocking him out, he then stabs Eskimo #2 in the stomach three times, then takes out a gun and shoots Eskimo #2 five times, killing him)

Eskimo #3: Oh! Ooh! My Brothers!!!

Husband: Now, Where's Santa Claus?

(Hits Eskimo #3 with the butt stock of the gun four times and sticks the gun one arms length the way in the face)

Eskimo #3: Oh! Ok! ok! He's-He's Delivering gifts you know, that's what he does! So he's not gonna be back for some time!

(the scene cuts to the outside of the igloo where Husband leaves and throws back a small grenade destroying the Igloo; killing Eskimos #1 and #3. Husband comes back home through the front door)

Wife: Oh no, wait..He just walked in. Where have you been? (Gives the Husband a hug)

Husband: (angrily) I Know!

Wife: Know what?

Husband: Susie saw you, KISSING SANTA CLAUS!!!!!

Wife: That's Just a song, Silly! (She plays the song)

Husband: Oh, ha, ha, That makes sense! Man, I gotta start listening to more music!

Wife: I am F**king the Neighbor though.

Husband: Mike? How's he doing?

(the skit ends)

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