(Cut to Wimpy inside a Hamburger bar)

Wimpy: I would gladdly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today.

(The cashier throws him out)

(Popeye, Olive oyl, and Poopdeck Pappy walk by)

Wimpy: Good Morning everyone! I would gladdly pay you Tuesday,

Popeye: No deal Wimpy!

Olive Oyl: Oh- no!

Poopdeck Pappy: Heh!

(they all walk away)

Wimpy: (Sighs)

(Cut to Wimpy standing on a bridge,)

Wimpy: No more hamburgers for old Whimpy.

Clarence: Don't do that dear boy.

Wimpy: Why not?

Clarence: Why just look at what everyone's lives would be like without you ( Without you Echos)

(Wimpy is shown what life would be like without him)

(Bluto and Popeye are standing outside a Bank that says Bank of Popeye and Bluto, Popeye has blonde hair now)

Popeye: Good job Bluto.

Bluto: Nice hair Popeye.

(Olive Oyl is running down the beach in a bathing suit, with big boobs)

Olive Oyl: Bouncy bouncy! (laughs)

Professor: Thanks for curing cancer Alice the Goon.

(He hands Alice  the Goon his diploma)

(Newspapers spin around the first  newspaper titled  the Hollywood reports , with the Headline reads no polotion! the second Newspaper Titled The Orange Times, with the Headline  No War!, the third newspaper Titled The Spinning News, has the Headline Hambergers Free!!, Whimpy is snapped back into reality)

Clarence: Oh, well sorry for wasting your time. (he pushes Wimpy off the bridge)

Wimpy: Ohhhhhhhhhh! Hamburgers! (splash)

(Segment ends)

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