Godzilla: So why are you here?
Godzilla Jr.: I want to destroy cities and rid the streets of weaponry.
Godzilla: Yeah, but why are you really here?
Godzilla Jr.: I want to be king of the monsters...
Godzilla: There you go. Now, if you stick with me, you'll make it. But you got to unlearn that bulls**t they teach ya on Monster Island now, cuz that s**t get ya killed out here.
Godzilla Jr.: I'll do anything you want me to do.
Godzilla: [laughs] My lizard. Now how's your Japanese?
Godzilla Jr.: Not that good...
Godzilla: Well, you learn that s**t then, brother, cuz that s** t get ya killed! These mothaf***as out there be plottin' all types of s**t on ya.

<outside the car; the city>

Godzilla: Hey yo, Mazinger! You got my stuff?
Mazinger: Yo, what you need, Zilla? Check it out! I got rocket-firin' hands, I got rockets for your shoulders and legs... Man, my s**t is tight!
Godzilla: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Anyway... [roars, shoots a beam at Mazinger and kills him]
Gozilla Jr.: What did you do!?
Godzilla: Justifiable homicide on the line of duty.
Godzilla Jr.: No, that was murder!
Godzilla: Open your eyes, son.
Godzilla Jr.: That man was your friend, and you killed him like a fly!
Godzilla: Why is he my friend, huh? Because he knows my name? Mazinger sold guns and rockets. The world is a better place without him anyway. Man, get yo ass in the car.
Godzilla Jr.: No way, man. I'm getting reassigned.
Godzilla: You do that! You tell them what I did! I don't give a damn! Cuz I got news for ya-- King Kong ain't got s**t on me!

King Kong comes up from behind and throws feces at him.

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