[We start inside a LEGO-themed NASA mission control center, where many LEGO mini-figures wait for a space shuttle to launch into space.]

Countdown Announcer: Liftoff in 3... 2... 1... ignition.

[The space shuttle is released, but only flies a few inches into the air before falling backwards, catching on fire, setting off an alarm, and panicking everyone.]

First Officer: Sir, launch failure! Launch failure!

Second Officer: Oh, my kids- six to 12! Scrabble our emergency crews, and someone give me answers- right now!

Mission Control Worker: We're trying, sir, but most of these computers are just painted on!

Second Officer: (quietly) Damn budget cuts!

[Near the space shuttle, many people that are on fire run around in panic; then a fire truck zooms onto the scene with a firefighter that holds an ax. While all of this is going on, the two astronauts in the shuttle scream in fight.]

First Firefighter: The pilots are still inside!

[With determination, he runs to one of the shuttle's windows and tries to break it open with the ax, but to no success.]

First Firefighter: It's no use; the window and the ax are made of the same material! (hangs down) They're done for!

[Just then, a horn honks, making him bend back up to see a tow truck that has also arrived at the scene.]

Tow Truck Driver: Out of my way!

[He backs his truck near the shuttle, where the firefighter hooks the cable on the shuttle's door.]

Tow Truck Driver: Let's see if this door likes 450 horse power!

[He drives off-screen to pull the door open, but the cable only breaks in two.]

Second Firefighter: That's a no-go; the cable snapped as if it was made out of thread!

First Firefighter: (panicking, groans) They're burning alive! Their faces- their horrible faces!

[By this point, the astronauts are burning in the shuttle, so they run around to try breaking themselves out. We then cut to a meeting, where the spokesman of NASA gives out a speech about the shuttle's failure to launch.]

Spokesman: Well, it would appear that there was a missing 1x2 brick from the space shuttle assembly kit. It was believed at the time that we could finish the vessel... without affecting the demanded launch schedule in high sights.

First Officer: (freaking out) It's all our fault! We were playing God, and you know it!

[With that, he begins to attack the spokesman, making the people in the audience gasp. One cameraman even looms forward as the officer bangs the spokesman's head into the podium. A few seconds later, we cut to a living room, where a girl explains all of this to her father.]

Girl: ...and at the funeral, the Lego astronaut's wife meets her husband's mistress.

Girl's Father: Does she have big boobs?

[As always, we conclude with static.]

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