(Five kids stand in a corn field.)

Kid with a Hat: Dude, I heard that some kid ate some Pop Rocks and drank some soda and his stomach exploded and he died, dude.

Kid with Suspenders: (Laughs) No way, that never happened.

Kid with Overalls: I dare Mikey to do it.

Mikey: No way! Let's make Bullied Kid do it; he'll try anything.

(The kid with a hat on hands Bullied Kid a soda and a pack of Pop Rocks.)

Kid with Suspenders: I'll bet you a dollar he doesn't.

(Bullied Kid eats the Pop Rocks and drinks the soda, then burps)

Kid with a Hat: Lame! Ha ha ha,

Mikey: I knew nothing would happen.

(Bullied Kid starts to feel pains in his stomach)

Kid with Suspenders: He's going to explode!

(Bullied Kid burps, then let's gas out of his behind)

Bullied Kid: Guys, uh, guys! Guys!

(The gas continues to emit, causing Bullied Kid to run off, and past a train.)

Kid in Train: Mommy, Mommy! That boy out there is running faster than the train.

Kid's Mother: (sternly) Don't even think about being stupid?

(Bullied Kid continues to run into town, gas still emitting from him. He runs past two men smoking cigarettes, which causes the gas coming from Bullied Kid to ignite into flames. He stops near a man and a child, jumps, then lands on his side; the flaming gas causes his body to spin in a circle.)

Guy with Baseball: We've got to cap that fire, son!

(The man runs to Mikey and plugs his opening with a baseball, causing the emission to stop.)

Bullied Kid: Whew, thanks mister.

(The gas inside Bullied Kid's body continues to stir, though. The gas blows Bullied Kids head off and the burning gas escapes. Mikey's head lands next to the three original boys.)

Kid with Suspenders: OH MY GOD!


(The four stare at bullied kid's head for a while, then the kid with suspenders takes money from his pocket and hands it to the kid with a hat.)