(Skeletor's lair is seen and moaning can be heard. Inside, Skeletor is in a massage chair reading a magazine).

SKELETOR: Oh, massage chair. If we lived in Canada, I would make you my bride.


(Skeletor throws the magazine aside).

SKELETOR: Oh, no! It's Mo-Larr: Eternian dentist.

(Cut to Mo-Larr from below Skeletor's lair and Skeletor is looking at him in the top window).

MO-LARR: You missed your 10:15 appointment!

SKELETOR: I'm busy, Mo-Larr!

MO-LARR: You have an impacted wisdom tooth, Skeletor! It has to come out!

SKELETOR: I'm a talking skull! What do I care if- Ah, you know what? The hell with this.

(Skeletor heads back into his lair and Beast Man and Grizzlor come out to fight Mo-Larr. Beast Man approaches Mo-Larr).

BEAST MAN: The boss man says his appointment is cancelled!

Mo-Larr throws Beast Man to the ground and ties him up with dental floss.


MO-LARR: I'm all out of mint flavor.

Grizzlor starts hopping in and Mo-Larr jams a drill in his eye.

GRIZZLOR: AAAAHHH!!! How come Beast man got the dental floss and I got the (f***ing) drill in my eye?!

(Skeletor retreats back into his lair screaming when Mo-Larr wrestles him to the ground holding a pair of a tooth yanker and yanks the tooth right out of Skeletor with him screaming).


(Skeletor now has a gap between his teeth)

SKELETOR: Oww! You son of a bitch!

(Cut to a commercial advertisement of Mo-Larr: Eternian dentist).

ANNOUNCER: Mo-Larr: Eternian dentist. Comes with everything you see here.

(A circle of Skeletor appears and makes a disgusted groan).

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