[There are two boats in Gotham Harbor, a yeoman approaches the captain]

YEOMAN: Sir, the whole boat is rigged to explode! And I found this! [displays a detonator]

[meanwhile, all the passangers are in the seating area, the intercom turns on]

JOKER: Greetings from the Joker. "Why so serious?" Anyway, we have a boat of civilians and a boat of prison inmates. I will blow up both boats at midnight.

MAN#1: Oh, my God!

JOKER: However, each boat has a detonator that will blow up the opposite boat. If one boat decides to blow up the other boat prior to midnight, I will not blow up the boat that blows up the other boat. It's quite the moral quandary, is it not?

MAN#2: Then let's vote on neither boat blowing up.

GIRL: No, he said we decide.

MAN#3: Then I decide that neither boat blows up!

CAPTAIN: Wait,, we vote?

WOMAN: No, we... we just press a button, I think.

MAN#4: I don't understand. What does this prove, exactly?

MAN#5: Uh, Mister Joker, sir? We came to a consensus: we vote that neither boat should blow up.

(passengers agree)

JOKER: That's not a choice!

MAN#5: Uh..uh, you better explain it again then, I guess.

JOKER: (sighs) I will blow up both the boats-

MAN#1: Oh my God!

JOKER: -unless, UNLESS, one boat blows up the other boat first.

MAN#5: Uh, w-what are the other options?

JOKER: There are no other options.

OLD LADY: Ask him when both boats blow up.


CAPTAIN: Alright folks, that gives us a good 15 minutes. Everyone, into the lifeboats!

JOKER: No, no lifeboats! I said that you couldn't use them.

MAN#6: You never said that!

JOKER: I did, way back in the beginning.

MAN#5: You better go over the rules again.

[the Joker is clearly exhasperated]

JOKER: Oh, for H- it's a catch 22! Look, there are two boats. At midnight-

[Batman cuts him off by hitting him with a board.]

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