Emperor Palpatine: Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth Vader.
Darth Vader: Thank you, my master.
Emperor Palpatine: Hey, before you face is really warm. Is everything okay up here?
Darth Vader: I...don't know. What do you mean?
[Palpatine removes his hood and smoke billows up. He touches his face but pulls away]
Emperor Palpatine: Ow. Ahh. Ow, my face! It's on fire!
Darth Vader: Well, a possibility that when you were fighting Mace Windu, he deflected some of your Force lightning back into your face.
Emperor Palpatine: Are you kidding me? How much?
Darth Vader: A lot. I don't think there was one bolt of Force lightning that didn't bounce off Master Windu's lightsaber directly back into your face.
Emperor Palpatine: And you just sat there and watched?
Darth Vader: Turning to the Dark Side was a pretty big decision.
Emperor Palpatine: [looking into a mirror] Oh, my God! I look like I have a scrotum for a face! What am I supposed to call myself? Darth Syphilis?! If you'd made up your mind five seconds earlier, we could've ruled the galaxy and maybe I could've gotten laid one more time before I die!
Darth Vader: [backing away] I can see you're upset. I'm just gonna go slaughter those younglings.
Emperor Palpatine: Yeah, whatever.